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Having fun making these interesting stitch markers.
Me gusta me gusta Cormo me gusta!

I want to knit this wrap around sweater I saw on the cover of Knitscene. So after spinning some Cormo wool, which I dye red with some Jacquard acid dye. I also have some homespun Mohair which I have dye in a raspberry pink, I plan to use it for the sleeves and neck edges. I can't wait to start casting on for this project. It will have to wait however, until I am done with another project. I think this wrap sweater will look great over a black long dress and some killer boots.
This is a picture of my Grandma, she just turn 76 in September. Isn’t she a doll! She’s also a great-great grandma to my Grand Daughter. My grandmother use to crochet these awesome swans. She would crochet using cotton thread, with these really tiny needles. Once she was completed she would starch the crochet swan in liquid starch. Her dollies were precious with the little flowers in the center. She was the one, who taught me how to crochet. I just wanted her to know, that I miss her and I wish her the best Birthday ever.

Éste es una foto de mi Abuela, Su cumpleaños fue en Septiembre. ¡No es ella una muñeca! Ella es también un tátara abuela. Mi abuela le gustaba el crochet, hacia algunos cisnes impresionantes. Ella crochet con un hilo de rosca del algodón, con estas agujas realmente minúsculas. Una vez que la terminaran ella almidón el cisne del crochet en almidón líquido. Sus carros eran preciosos con las pequeñas flores en el centro. De ella fue de quien yo aprendí a ser crochet. Me …
Hat's for Preemies
These hats were crochet for a charity that is collecting hats for the neonatal center. They are so much fun to make and quick too. Here’s the pattern for those who are interested. Preemies Hats If you want to make them for a bigger baby, just increase on the chains you cast on.
I'm A Big Girl Now

Here’s my little Ladybug, modeling a scarf her mother made. Elysia, is officially three years old today. I can’t wait to see her, and give her a big hug.

A precious little child
Fashioned by God's own hand,
Sweetness that goes unequaled
by the handiwork of man.
Guess who's going to be three?
Happy Birthday Elysia. Grandma Love you very much!!!!
SouthEastern Animal Fiber Fair
I once visit the Southeastern Animal and Fiber Fair in Asheville, North Carolina serveral years ago. I drag poor Armando all the way to this fair. The poor guy did not know what he was getting himself into. I use to engage him in long conversations about spinning and Alpacas. He has been so supportive of my crazy ideas. I took a class on spinning while I was there. I simply fell in love with the whole concept of making my own yarn. I have to admit that my first attempt at spinning was not very good. My yarn resemble rope more then yarn. I still have it, as a momentum of my first spinning experience. This was also my very first fiber fair. I had such a great time, and I can probably say, Armando had a pretty good time also. Here's a picture of "Enriquez" He's such a cutie. I hope to make it to the Maryland Fiber Fair next year.
Bad Hair Day!

I am having a great hair day, as for Chloe; well she’s still adjusting to her new do. Here are some shots of her before and after. Feeling sorry for her, I decided to knit her a little sweater to keep her warm. She loves her sweater and looks forward to putting it on every morning. I don’t think it will last very long, as I made it for her current size, not allowing much room for growth. Once she is fully grown, I'll probably have to redo it.

I have always wanted to learn how to weave, and I have even tried to convince, my fiancée, to take a class with me. I think he may enjoy weaving classes. Now after reading Sweet Georgia, I am getting that bug again. Even so, all that warping seems like a lot of work.
Spinning Wheel

Grey Yarn

As I have mention before, I spin. This is the grey Shetland wool, I promise to show you. My plans were to dye it, a moss green. However, I seem to like the nature grey color. I think it would make a lovely sweater for a male . Anyone have any suggestions for patterns?

So far I have been knitting away on my KAL Arianne. I would have been much farther along then I currently am, were it not for my little puppy Chloe’. Twice she has taken my needles and ran around the house with my yarn. Totally ruin my project. I think she’s getting back at me for the awful hair cut she received the other week. Chloe is a Yorkie, silky mix. I had her groom about a week ago, and expected a little puppy cut. Instead she came out with a crew cut. So I guess now we’re even.

I’ll post a before and after picture next time, so you can tell me what you think of Chloe's haircut. Yeah, you probably would run around the house with my needles too LoL. I had to knit her a little sweater in o…
Weinheim Germany
Here's a picture of Weinheim Germany. The town of Weinheim an der Weinstrasse, has preserved part of its medieval walls. In the old town are the Old Town Hall (1554) and historic old half-timbered houses. Higher up is Schloss Berckheim, set in a beautiful park.Above the town are the ruins of Burg Windeck (12th-13th). Still higher up is the Wachenbur (1913).
Armando and I climb to the top of the castle and took this picture.

Well I made a gauge for Adriann, and needed to go up one needle size, in order to make the recommended gauge. Once I've completed all other duties. This baby is going to get all my attention. I have tons of spinning that needs to be done. With the weather changing, the nights seem to come upon me way too quickly. It's one of those things I dislike about the cooler weather. Next time, I'll post pictures of some of my skeins of yarn. I have this huge bag of grey Shetland wool, which I need to finish spinning. I was going to dye it; howe…
Baby Izzy

My niece Melissa is going to have a baby in December. I just completed crocheting this baby blanket for little Isabella. So excited, that there’s going to be a baby around to knit for. My own Granddaughter, who’s going to be three this month, lives in Florida and I just don’t get to knit for her as much as I want to. I wonder if Melissa is still knitting. I once taught her how to knit; however, I never got to teach her how to purl. I did however, taught my daughter how to knit when she was here to visit me last summer. She gets so excited and shares things with me that she has discover on the internet, which I have known for years. Still her excitement is contagious, even for us oldies.
I did it! I finally started a blog. I've been reading knitting blogs for years and always enjoy reading what everyone is knitting or any other crafts that interest me. Never really started my own, just figure it would take too much of my time. Since I've moved to Germany two years ago, I never figure that these blogs would make me feel as if I've kept up with old friends. Even though no one knows me LOL. I love reading Chicknit, Wendy and Carrieoke, just to name a few. Now I have join my very first KAL with Bonnie Marie. I am going to knit Ariann, with yarn from my stash. I have this lovely garnet color yarn that would be great for the fall. I won't be able to start till this weekend. Even so, the following Monday is a holiday so I should have enough time to get a good jump start on the Kal.