Baby Izzy

My niece Melissa is going to have a baby in December. I just completed crocheting this baby blanket for little Isabella. So excited, that there’s going to be a baby around to knit for. My own Granddaughter, who’s going to be three this month, lives in Florida and I just don’t get to knit for her as much as I want to. I wonder if Melissa is still knitting. I once taught her how to knit; however, I never got to teach her how to purl. I did however, taught my daughter how to knit when she was here to visit me last summer. She gets so excited and shares things with me that she has discover on the internet, which I have known for years. Still her excitement is contagious, even for us oldies.


ItsZenia said…
That is so nice!! I wanted to make her something too. Maybe I can practice with a baby sweater or something.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Sis.
Love the blankie. It is gorgeous. We celebrated Mellie's baby shower last Saturday. I wished you were there. She was so overjoyed with the presence of family and friends. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love you,
Anonymous said…
Thank you so very much!! It is so beautiful I can't wait for her to be wrapped in it. Lionell loves it too and he sends you his love.

love always,

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