I did it! I finally started a blog. I've been reading knitting blogs for years and always enjoy reading what everyone is knitting or any other crafts that interest me. Never really started my own, just figure it would take too much of my time. Since I've moved to Germany two years ago, I never figure that these blogs would make me feel as if I've kept up with old friends. Even though no one knows me LOL. I love reading Chicknit, Wendy and Carrieoke, just to name a few. Now I have join my very first KAL with Bonnie Marie. I am going to knit Ariann, with yarn from my stash. I have this lovely garnet color yarn that would be great for the fall. I won't be able to start till this weekend. Even so, the following Monday is a holiday so I should have enough time to get a good jump start on the Kal.


Liz said…
Congratulations! I have started a blog as well, but I went with a rather fussy host and I still don't have it the way I want it. Hopefully, I'll get it up and running soon. Look forward to hearing about your adventures!
Iris said…
Thanks Liz, I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Blogger is pretty easy. Now I need to start taking more pictures of the things I make and places I visit while I am here in Europe. Hope to make some fiber friends too.
Armando said…
Its fantastic that you have your blog. I know how much you enjoy a variety of crafts and now you can share them with others. Not to mention I will be able to see them online until we are together again.
Love Armando

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