Spinning Wheel

Grey Yarn

As I have mention before, I spin. This is the grey Shetland wool, I promise to show you. My plans were to dye it, a moss green. However, I seem to like the nature grey color. I think it would make a lovely sweater for a male . Anyone have any suggestions for patterns?

So far I have been knitting away on my KAL Arianne. I would have been much farther along then I currently am, were it not for my little puppy Chloe’. Twice she has taken my needles and ran around the house with my yarn. Totally ruin my project. I think she’s getting back at me for the awful hair cut she received the other week. Chloe is a Yorkie, silky mix. I had her groom about a week ago, and expected a little puppy cut. Instead she came out with a crew cut. So I guess now we’re even.

I’ll post a before and after picture next time, so you can tell me what you think of Chloe's haircut. Yeah, you probably would run around the house with my needles too LoL. I had to knit her a little sweater in order to protect her from the early morning chill. I don't understand why a groomer would give a puppy such a short cut, knowing how cold winters are in Germany. The poor thing is going to need a coat!


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