Weinheim Germany
Here's a picture of Weinheim Germany. The town of Weinheim an der Weinstrasse, has preserved part of its medieval walls. In the old town are the Old Town Hall (1554) and historic old half-timbered houses. Higher up is Schloss Berckheim, set in a beautiful park.Above the town are the ruins of Burg Windeck (12th-13th). Still higher up is the Wachenbur (1913).
Armando and I climb to the top of the castle and took this picture.

Well I made a gauge for Adriann, and needed to go up one needle size, in order to make the recommended gauge. Once I've completed all other duties. This baby is going to get all my attention. I have tons of spinning that needs to be done. With the weather changing, the nights seem to come upon me way too quickly. It's one of those things I dislike about the cooler weather. Next time, I'll post pictures of some of my skeins of yarn. I have this huge bag of grey Shetland wool, which I need to finish spinning. I was going to dye it; however, I kind of like the nature grey color. I have three spinning wheels and wanted to get a Saxony wheel. I mention this to Armando, who reply "Yeah, you need another wheel, since you only have three." with sweet sarcasm. Don’t you just hate it when they are right?

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