Green Monday,

I don't think I've ever own a pair of green sock in my life. Well I do now. Still have to block them into shape. I made these a little shorter in order to wear them during the warmer weather. For this pair I used a cotton wool blend yarn from Opal.
We have a fiber group that likes to get together once a month to do all things fiber. We have weavers, knitters, needlework; however, the majorities are spinners. It was great to see some old faces and many new ones. Some of the members own angora goats. They have the most amazing mohair you have ever seen. I love to blend this fiber with wool and spin for lace. I am so missing my spinning wheel. I’ve also discover, that there's a new Yarn store in town. I hear they have some gorgeous yarn to drool over. I normally do most of my spinning during the summer and I tend to knit more during the fall and winter. So it’s like I automatically go into spinning mode. I won’t be getting my stuff till July. Meantime, I found a used floor loom, that's what it looks like in the picture on the top left. I was so anxious to begin classes only to find out they won’t be available till this fall. Well, there's always DVD's..


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