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First Circus

Circus was in town, so I took my granddaughter. She even got to be part of the act, not bad for her first circus. Currently, I don't really have much in the knitting department. Did manage to spin two skeins of yarn, I plan to use the yarn to knit up some socks. Trying to accumulate several pairs of socks for holiday gifts, I like to make little baskets with coffee, mugs, and a pair of socks, sometimes tea for those non-coffee drinkers. They make quick gifts and I find people really enjoy them. Some are surprise when they see a pair of knit socks as gifts, even so, they soon learn how comfortable a pair of home made socks can truly be. I am still getting settle from my move from Germany. Looking forward to being back in my house, among my own things. Must mention that I've also found a new friend. Meet Marty the yorkie. He and my grandchild have been getting acquainted. He's a real sweetheart and has a great personality. I think we're all going to get alon…
Tidal Wave

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog. So many things are going on these last few weeks in my life that I’ve had little time to do the things I enjoy most. Like knitting and spinning, even so, I’ve manage to complete these socks. A pattern called Tidal Wave by Debby Lake. The pattern was simple and a quick knit. The yarn is merino which I have spun and dye. Hope everyone is keeping cool during these hot and humid days.