Sock it to me

It's a brand new day and..............I'm feeling good!

Well hello everyone in blog world. It's been such a long time since I've last posted. Let's just say Decemeber was a month of ending. Many things in my world and for those in my families' world had ended in December. Now in June, things are starting to really heat up and bloom. For one thing, today I am a year older, and I have to admit, I am feeling really good. Took the day off from work, just to do some thing special for myself. Pedicure, shop for some new cloth, and maybe some nice summer shoes. Packing up and heading to the beach for the weekend with my favorite people in the world. Yeah life is good.

Hey did you think I forgot the knitting, spinning and any other fiber related hobbies? Heck no, I am still spinning, trying to polish off some gray shetland wool. Still have two shawls, one sweater, and two pair of socks to complete. I've also started a bag to hold my laptop. It's felted and I love the way it looks. Even so, I did finish knitting two pairs of socks. I believe one pair is called twisted vines, and the other Diamond shadows from Lisa Drazez. The yarn used for the twisted vine, was something I brought at the Maryland wool festival, for the Diamond Shadows, I use a Pink Opal yarn, I believe it's from the tropical collections. It's been getting too hot for knitting with any wool, so I many stick with the lace. Hopefully, next post we'll have other pictures besides socks. It's just that If I can't knit on the big projects, I always have a pair of socks with me. Wishing you all a happy and safe Summer!

Happy Knitting!


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