Funk Nation

Funk, a word used to describe "to shrink from undertaking or facing." It can also be used to describe “a strong offensive smell." To my understanding, this just about covers all the feeling I associate with being in a Funk. It simply stinks. I am happy to say, I am determine to get out of this state of emotions and tackle some long over due projects. Like this for example. A sweater I started last year for my son. I used Knit and Picks, Wool of the Andes. In a color called Wheat. It was suppose to be in one color. However, once I began knitting for the sleeves. I discover, I did not have enough yarn to complete the sleeves, and to my dismay. Knit Picks, no longer sold this dye. My solution was to find a contrasting color, and what could be better then "Chocolate”.


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