Out of the mouth of babies

Now that the Elections are finally over, we can all concentrate on the up coming Holiday’s Seasons. It has been a Historic year, with our new President elect Obama. What has truly surprise me this year, has been the excitement of the young children. My Granddaughter, who is barely five, has been an Obama advocate. First things she asked upon waking up after Election Day was “Who Won!” To say she was very happy to hear the outcome would be an understatement. Instead just take a look at this picture and see if you can see her excitement upon finding out who will be our New President.

In the knitting department, I’ve started a sweater for myself, along with putting together a hooded jacket for my granddaughter. In the meantime, I’ve started a project which includes researching, an old myth. This myth is about the theories that if you knit a boyfriend a sweater he will most likely leave you. So many ladies are afraid to knit fiancee' sweaters, because of this theory. Personally, I have knitted my fiancé two sweaters, which he wears often. I must remember to take pictures, just in case he takes off. No matter what may happen, I have to admit, he looks dashing in them.



DeltaPurl said…
I know what you mean....my nephew called me with so much excitement it was really cool! He is 14 and you know they don't care about anything....

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