New Kid on the Block

Are we there yet?

This is Mario, my new Yorkie Puppy. My other Yorkie, Marty, really needed a friend to run around with, and play. I am happy to say they're getting along wonderfully. I was afraid there would be some Alpha dog issues. Marty is more then happy to allow Mario hang out with him, well, as long as he does not try to eat his food. I've always had a special fondness for the Yorkshire breed. I know they can be a bit yappy, and at times hard to housebreak (I don't have a problem training). They are just so loving, protective, and just so darn funny. The things they do are just simply adorable. They just don't allow their small statue stop them from doing anything that they have set their minds to accomplish.
Currently, in the fiber world, I am knitting a little something for myself, along with some socks for a gift. I'll post pictures later. I've been spinning more so then knitting, due to the warmer weather.

Happy Knitting


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