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Finally competed the Petal shawl in Alpaca.

Summer Fun

This Summer I had a visit from my granddaughter. She is so much fun to have around , so full of life and so very mischievous. She is a little like her mother, but does not have a single shy bone in her body, even though she loves to say she is. I've been missing her dearly since she has returned home. Forgetting how much energy it takes to entertain a six year old. I must admit that after she left, I was quite exhausted. In this picture we both had our hair done, and I was so ready to take a nap. Even so, I had a great time and truly miss my little lady bug.

I've not knit as much as I would have liked, currently just trying to complete some projects I've started some time ago. A vest in silk, a cardigan, in a soft alpaca, moreno blend. and a Shawl, using Knit Picks, Alapaca Cloud. For the shawl, I am using the EZ 100th Anniversary PI Shawl, which was free on Raverly. This will be my first round shawl, I image you would fold it in half in order to wrap around your shoulders.…

Feeling this Hat

Felt hat, made with Brown sheep yarn. I could not find a head to model my hat, so a tin can will have to do. So far, I've received several orders for this hat. If you're into pins, used them on the hat, they really look marvelous. Flowers are also a great idea. I bet this would look great in Red too. This is all for today blog world. I must get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having.

Ciao bella

Where have you been?