Where have you been?

Time just slips by so quickly. I don't know if it's just getting older, or all the responsibilities that comes with being older. I mean where the hell does it all goes! The time, I mean, I am still drinking the tequila from New Years! And it's April. I am not even going to get into politics, all I have to say about that subject is time will tell. Spring is in the air, with that comes gardens, vegetable gardens to be exact. I will probably only plant tomatoes and peppers this year. The peach tree is already showing signs of little peaches. I am planning to start an herb garden; I also have a lovely lemon tree. Pictures will be posted once I’ve started my seeding.

In the knitting department, I am into making hats, and purses. I have two felted hats in Brown sheep Wool. The pattern is The Bucket hat, by Bonnie. I plan to make these in different sizes to send out as gifts. They are super fast to knit and fun to wear and you may pin flowers, or any pin you like on them, changing as your heart's desires. One is going to my Sister, she had asked me for one like years ago, but I think she’s going to really like this one better. I know she’ll enjoy it during those cold New York Winters.

I get the spinning bug during the warmer weather, which is just in time. I have this gorgeous llama wool that I brought at The Taos Wool festival, while visiting New Mexico. It spins like butter.

Also I have about 8 oz of Churro wool. These Sheep are native to the area, and apparently the Navajo Native Americans used this wool to make many of their rugs. I am so excited, we found an Alpacas farmer who wants to sell me some of his wool for a fair price. Can't wait to see his wares..


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