What's in your Bag?

Check out what I have on my knitting needles, it's a cute bag for my ipad 2. The yarn is Noro, color is Silk garden lite. I am almost done, once I've closed the bottom portion, all that I will have left to complete it, will be the (3) roses that will go on the top corner. I need to complete this before Saturday, as I have a Knitting Demo. I have this part-time gig, working on the weekends at Michael's, as an Instructor, teaching knitting. I really enjoy it. Plus the employee discounts is not bad.

This summer has been one of completion, as we've completed so many projects that we had on the "Must do list". Unfortunately not knitting projects, those continue to line up my hobby closet. With two jobs, getting certifications, and working on these above mention projects. I've had to put most of the knitting, and spinning for that matter, on hold.

As soon as the fall weather starts to kick in, I know I will tackle the knitting project list. My first priority on that list will have to be my friends shawl, which I've promise her like a year ago. I hope she does not think I've forgotten her. Who knows maybe it will be there in time for Christmas.

Happy Knitting.


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