The Green Shawl

Once as I  read a thread on my friend's Face book, that she was cold  in her office during the hot summer when the AC ran high.  I offer to knit her a nice lace shawl, so that she may keep in her office, and wrap around her shoulders to keep her comfortable, yet not too warm. That was almost two years ago. I know, I know. I should be ashamed of myself, even so, I can now say that it is finally done,  as you can see in the picture above. I hope she will enjoy it, as much as I enjoy knitting it. The pattern is called Sky walker Shawl, the yarn is called Shadow, from Knit Picks, in a lace weight, merino wool, the color is called "Forest Heather". Which according to my friend is one of her favorite colors. Maybe next time, I'll get to post a picture of her wearing it. I have to admit, I enjoy knitting this shawl so much, that I am starting a new one, in a white, alpaca wool, for another good friend. I wonder if my sister would enjoy one as well. It looks really classy wrapped around the neck in a business suit. I think I have the lace bug..


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