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Spring Camping

My very first Haapsalu Shawl! Pattern used was free, online, called EZ 100th Anniversary PI Shawl: Camping. Designed as a tribute to Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th Birthday. Four years ago. The yarn was Clouds from Knit Picks, baby alpaca, in a light pink color. It's perfect for knitting during the hot days of summer.

New Fancy Kitty

This is not a torture device my friends, but a Drum Carder from Fancy Kitty . Used to process wool into batting, or roving for spinning. What it does is comb your fiber out and and remove some bits and pieces of vegetable matters in the end it will produce some fluffy wool which can be easily drafted for spinning. Happy Spinning.

Wash Day

I found an inexpensive way to dry my alpaca wool, using PVC pipes, and some burlap cloth in which I've made a stand to place my wool to dry out in the sun, and it's working wonderfully. I love that I can just take it apart and store away for the next batch of wool. Here you see a picture of  some baby alpaca in white and black wool which I've wash with some Kookaburra Delicate wool wash, it makes the wool smell lovely, not to mention the affect it has from drying out in the sun, which brings out the natural Tea Tree and Lavender oils scent to full bloom. It 's so light and soft that once it's completely dry, I must quickly remove or a light wind will blow them all over the place  (Ask me how I know?) I must keep an eye out for birds as well, they seem to love alpaca wool to build into their nests, I've seen several nest around my yard nicely engineered  with intertwining of Spanish moss, wool and twigs. Birds are so creative. I am so looking forward to carding…

Shearing Day!

Local Alpaca Farmer was having a Shearing day. The Shearer goes from farm to farm, it's a community effort, and a great way to learn about these great animals. There was one alpaca who had bonded with the Pyrenees guide dog named Sam, and he would not leave her side as she was being sheared. It was amazing to watch how these two had developed such a friendship, so much so, that he would keep all other alpacas away from the food until she had first bid. Amazing!

I was there to help the farmer catch them and lead them to be sheared. For my help I got these in return.

Baby Alpaca!

Lacy Obessions

Currently, I've encounter a new love. That is,  the love for anything Estonian! The history is very interesting too. I've began several projects which incorporates this technique, One is the Flit' n Float scarf from the Spring edition from Knitty 2009. Which I've completed thus far. The other is a round shawl which uses patterns from the book tittle Haapsalu Scarf by Siiri Riemann and Aime Edasi.It's written in Russian, however, it's been translated in English. I've also started a Lilly of the Valley lace scarf which is a true Estonia pattern. What I love most about these pattern is the fact that they're from the Victorian era which is a very fascinating time for history.  I will post pictures once I've completed knitting and blocking.  The scarf above was knitted using Alpaca which I've spun in lace weigh on my wheel. The Haapsalu shawl I am using Alpaca yarn as well, which I've purchase from Knit Pick several years ago. I am seriously con…

Yarn Dilemma Part II

Here are the view of my completed Central Park Hoodie. As I mention before I had to use two different shades of yarn. So What do you think? It really does not look too bad with a pair of Jean. I think I will try again and this time I will have enough yarn to complete project.

Alpaca Wool Heaven

I found a local Alpaca farmer who gave me four bags of the most lovely alpaca wool.  Yes gave me as in "FREE". He mostly deals with the selling of the Alpaca's and was not heavily invested in selling the wool. So he had tons of it and would give it away to anyone who was interested. I love to spin and one of my favorite wool to spin is Alpaca. It's silky soft and has no grease. Sheep wool has lanolin in it, which is great for the hands but not for spinning wheels.

So I spun up some wool and knitted this for the Farmer's wife as a "Thank you", for this lovely wool. I hope she likes it.

Hello Friend

This Cardinal comes to my yard every morning around 10:00 am, he also has a  mate, however she's not as colorful as he is, but lovely never the less. I've started putting out bird feeders. And he came by to say thanks! Picture not as clear as I would like, since I am hiding behind my glass door, so as not to scare him away. 

Snow Day

Funny how a couple of inches of Snow can close this little town down.


Yarn Dilemma

Central Park Hoodie

Determine to finish this project. Pattern is called the Central Park Hoodie designed by Heather Lodinsky. It previewed on Knit scene 2006 fall issue. Here you see the front right, left, and the back. What's left are the sleeves, and the hoodie. However I have a dilemma. I don't have enough yarn to complete the hoodie, and this yarn along with the dye lot have been discontinued.  I've tried the internet and other websites. Still no luck locating this yarn. So my solution is knit the hoodie with another yarn and hope that it will look just as great. I really like this pattern.