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Alpaca Wool Heaven

I found a local Alpaca farmer who gave me four bags of the most lovely alpaca wool.  Yes gave me as in "FREE". He mostly deals with the selling of the Alpaca's and was not heavily invested in selling the wool. So he had tons of it and would give it away to anyone who was interested. I love to spin and one of my favorite wool to spin is Alpaca. It's silky soft and has no grease. Sheep wool has lanolin in it, which is great for the hands but not for spinning wheels.

So I spun up some wool and knitted this for the Farmer's wife as a "Thank you", for this lovely wool. I hope she likes it.

Hello Friend

This Cardinal comes to my yard every morning around 10:00 am, he also has a  mate, however she's not as colorful as he is, but lovely never the less. I've started putting out bird feeders. And he came by to say thanks! Picture not as clear as I would like, since I am hiding behind my glass door, so as not to scare him away.