Lacy Obessions

Currently, I've encounter a new love. That is,  the love for anything Estonian! The history is very interesting too. I've began several projects which incorporates this technique, One is the Flit' n Float scarf from the Spring edition from Knitty 2009. Which I've completed thus far. The other is a round shawl which uses patterns from the book tittle Haapsalu Scarf by Siiri Riemann and Aime Edasi.It's written in Russian, however, it's been translated in English. I've also started a Lilly of the Valley lace scarf which is a true Estonia pattern. What I love most about these pattern is the fact that they're from the Victorian era which is a very fascinating time for history.  I will post pictures once I've completed knitting and blocking.  The scarf above was knitted using Alpaca which I've spun in lace weigh on my wheel. The Haapsalu shawl I am using Alpaca yarn as well, which I've purchase from Knit Pick several years ago. I am seriously considering knitting shawls and scarf to sell online. The Estonia patterns are to die for. Will post more Estonia items on a later post. Happy Knitting.


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