Wash Day

I found an inexpensive way to dry my alpaca wool, using PVC pipes, and some burlap cloth in which I've made a stand to place my wool to dry out in the sun, and it's working wonderfully. I love that I can just take it apart and store away for the next batch of wool. Here you see a picture of  some baby alpaca in white and black wool which I've wash with some Kookaburra Delicate wool wash, it makes the wool smell lovely, not to mention the affect it has from drying out in the sun, which brings out the natural Tea Tree and Lavender oils scent to full bloom. It 's so light and soft that once it's completely dry, I must quickly remove or a light wind will blow them all over the place
 (Ask me how I know?)
I must keep an eye out for birds as well, they seem to love alpaca wool to build into their nests, I've seen several nest around my yard nicely engineered  with intertwining of Spanish moss, wool and twigs. Birds are so creative.
I am so looking forward to carding this and spinning up some lovely lace yarn , hopefully for some  beautiful Estonia shawls.
Carding you ask? I will explain in the next blog what a carder is, and perhaps have pictures if my new carder is here in time. Happy Knitting, Spinning or what ever hobbies you enjoy.

Check out the Stand I made from PVC pipes.

Alpaca drying in the sun.


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