Virus shawl

Front of Virus Shawl
Back of Virus Shawl
This was so much fun to crochet. Which I have not done in a long while. This Christmas I plan to gift this to a special lady, my boyfriend's mother. She loves green and I so hope she loves this shawl. The yarn I used to crochet this shawl is from Cascade Yarns, I don't remember the color's name. I had so much fun making it that I must crochet one for myself. I have this beautiful variegated yarn from Germany that will look gorgeous in this pattern. I know it's only June, but I really want to send  homemade gifts to all my friends and family that have requested something from me. I never have time. So this year I have made plans to be more organized with projects both at home and at work. I read somewhere that having too many unfinished projects is a sign of bi-polar, so I guess I'm a mess.


Soyun Park said…
Wow~ this turned out beautifully! Love the olive green. One of my favorites. Keep up the great work! xo!

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