SAFF 2016

You have to love a man that will indulge your hobbies and take you to the SAFF for like the millionth time! Look how the ray of sun shines upon his holy head! Ha Ha!
This year at the fair, it was all about felting, weaving and wool balls, the kind you throw in the dryer to help with static.. I notice a huge amount of bags for sale. Bags sewn in fabric for knitting while you're outdoors. I now must make one for myself. I also saw a great idea, of sewing bags to take to the market, which were made from recycle pet food bags. I just love the idea, and to think my dog's food  come in the coolest  brown and pink bags! Another idea I will have to hack.
The weaving floor loom on the picture down below was made in 1850, and  It was used for 6 generations. A beauty and still being used today. One of my favorite things at the fair, was the fleece auction, and the Woolery's booth. I didn't buy a single skein of yarn. Surprisingly, that's a first for me. However, I didn't come home empty handed,  I did find three lovely fleece at the auction. I'll post pictures later,  once they're nice and dry Until the next time!


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