It's shearing time!

Another year to head on down to the Buena Vista, Alpaca Farm in Beach Island, South Carolina, to help John get his' alpacas ready for shearing. This year the herd has grown and he had over 40 alpacas. Most were pretty easy to lead to the shearer, and others put up a fight. One even knock me down to the ground. Luckily, I landed on my butt so, all is well.

This year we took my boyfriends' granddaughter Kalena with us, and she had a great time. If any one is looking for Alpaca wool to spin, go check out John Trolley at the Buena Vista, Alpacas farm, in Beach Island, South Carolina. He has a great selection of wool at really great prices. The color range is amazing. If you're interested in becoming an Alpaca Farmer, he also has alpacas for sell. With your alpaca purchase you also get to breed with some of his price winning breeder male Alpacas and I have some of their wool and it is to die for. Let him know I sent you and he may even give you a discount.

Kalena and Armando

Alpaca getting groomed


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